Apprenticeship funding and how it works

9 Jan

Apprenticeship funding and how it works

FloorSkills has two different types of apprenticeships that we offer. We have the Textile and Impervious flooring apprenticeship and Wooden flooring apprenticeship.

Government Funding-

FloorSkills has funding available for ALL age groups working in England are all eligible for apprenticeship funding. There is no upper age restriction and, furthermore, you are exempt from paying the 13.8% employer National Insurance contribution for apprentices aged 25 and under.

However, the government asks that you make a minimum 10% contribution and it will pay the remaining 90%, up to the maximum amount of funding set for the apprenticeship you have chosen. FloorSkills only charges the minimum 10% contribution resulting in a cost of £1300 to the employer.

The above costs include all training provided by FloorSkills, including EPA Assessment, certification, Function Skills, etc. THERE IS NO HIDDEN COSTS !

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