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Flooring apprenticeships with FloorSkills

FloorSkills Funded apprenticeships are open to anyone of any age and any experience level. FloorSkills apprenticeships offer up to 30 days practical training at the training centre located in Solihull, near Birmingham.

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a combination of working, studying and earning a wage. While on an apprenticeship you will be working with your employer daily and then going to college (FloorSkills Training Centre) for off the site dedicated training. FloorSkills flooring apprenticeships are available with funding to anyone living or working within England. FloorSkills apprenticeships work on a block release basis Approximately every 8 weeks over a 16-month period you will be required to visit Europe’s largest multi award-winning training centre in blocks of 2 to 5 days at a time where you will learn many. On our Textile and Impervious apprenticeship you will cover –
• Subfloor preparation
• Stretch fit textile to include stairs, winders, open plan stairs, BN steps, joins etc
• Contract textile installation to include direct stick, dual stick systems
• Carpet tiles
• LVT to include, straight lay, diagonal lay, border work and designs
• Domestic Cushion floor vinyl
• Contract vinyl, safety floor, linoleum
• Estimating, creating cutting plans, writing specifications, reading scale drawings
+ a whole lot more

FloorSkills Apprenticeships

FloorSkills apprenticeships work on block release every other month. FloorSkills opted for this type of apprenticeship over 1 day per week apprenticeships as we feel it is impossible for an apprentice to attend for only 1 day per week and be able to complete a full installation. We personally feel that an apprentice should see their installation through from start to finish, rather than completing other apprentices work done previously.

FloorSkills apprentices must prepare their own area and see through the whole process of what they are learning each time they visit FloorSkills. WE DO NOT pre-prepare areas or part install areas for the students; hence we need more than 1 day at a time with the apprentice. The FloorSkills apprenticeship runs over a period between 18 to 24 months, the first 16 months (approximately) will be block release at the FloorSkills Training Centre undertaking practical training. After approximately 16 months the apprenticeship moves onto the on-site assessment phase.

FloorSkills has two types of Apprenticeships

  • Textile & Impervious Flooring Apprenticeship
  • Wood Flooring (Bwfa – British Wood Flooring Association) Apprenticeship

Please see schedules below for what the apprentice will be covering while at the training centre.

Apprentices work towards gaining the following qualifications:

  • Level 2 NVQ Diploma
  • Level 2 NVQ Flooring Qualification
  • Level 2 Technical Certificate
  • Level 1 and/or Level 2 Functional Skills Certificates (Textile & Impervious apprenticeship only)
  • Employer Rights and Responsibilities Certificate
  • PLTS Certificate

Apprenticeship funding and how it works

FloorSkills has two different types of apprenticeships that we offer. We have the Textile and Impervious flooring apprenticeship and we are also the only training centre in Europe approved to host the BWFA ( British Wood Flooring Association ) apprenticeship.

Textile & Impervious Apprenticeship Funding

FloorSkills has secured FUNDING and its in place ready for you apprentice to start. Please see total costs to the employer below-

  • Aged- 16 to 18 = Total cost of £250+ vat
  • Aged- 19+ = Total cost of £1000 +vat

The above costs includes all training provided by FloorSkills, including NVQ assessment, certification, Function Skills, etc. THERE IS NO HIDDEN COSTS !

Previous Qualifications Limit for Funding (MUST NOT HAVE)

  • NVQ Level 4 or above (in any other trade)
  • Foundation Degree
  • Teaching Qualification / PGCE


Wood Flooring (Bwfa = British Wood Flooring Association) Apprenticeship Funding

The BWFA apprenticeship funding is different to the above Textile and Impervious apprenticeship. FloorSkills will help apply for your Fully Funded grant to fully cover the cost of the apprenticeship training while at FloorSkills. The grant is available for registered CITB companies (FloorSkills will help you become CITB registered). The grant is available for ANY AGE group. The Funding / Grant is paid directly to the employer one quarter in arrears, the training provider will invoice the employer direct the course fees monthly.

The criteria for funding depends on their sector, age of the candidate and previous qualifications:

ANY AGE GROUP 100% of cost paid (Full Funding)

Previous Qualifications Limit for Funding (MUST NOT HAVE)

  • 2x NVQ Level 2
  • 1x NVQ Level 3 or above


Apprenticeship schedule *

Textile & Impervious Apprenticeship

  • Week 1 (3 Days) – Induction, H+S, ERR, Subfloor Preparation
  • Week 2 (4 Days) – Textile Installation
  • Week 3 (3 Days) – LVT Installation
  • Week 4 (4 Days) – Textile Installation
  • Week 5 (5 Days) – Safety Flooring, Cushion Flooring, Functional Skills
  • Week 6 (3 Days) – Quotes, Customer Relations, Building Construction, End Tests
  • Week 7 (3 Days) – Functional Skills,  Textile Practical Assessments
  • Week 8 (2 Days) – ResilentPractical Assessments
  • OSAT – Onsite assessment process commences.
  • Complete

Wood Flooring (Bwfa = British Wood Flooring Association) Apprenticeship

  • Week 1 (4 Days) – Induction, H+S, ERR, Subfloor Preparation
  • Week 2 (2 Days) – Strip, Plank Installation
  • Week 3 (3 Days) – Wood Block (Herringbone), Border Work Installation
  • Week 4 (3 Days) – Estimating, Wood Science, Bespoke Design Work
  • Week 5 (2 Days) – Sports Floors Installation
  • Week 6 (4 Days) – Sand + Seal, Floor Repairs, Finishes
  • Week 7 (2 Days) – Stairs Installation
  • OSAT – Onsite assessment process commences
  • (Additional site visits will be carried out through the apprenticeship)

* Please note that the Schedule is a guide only.  Different Apprenticeship groups can run at different speeds dependent on previous experience an apprentice might have. Due to this the schedule ‘may’ change to suit the apprentice’s speed and skill levels.  Apprenticeship groups may also change as we try to merge apprentices into groups with similar speed and skill levels.

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