FloorSkills sponsors range from manufacturers to flooring suppliers. All the FloorSkills sponsors approve the training provided by FloorSkills around the use of their individual products along with the technical information FloorSkills provides. Our sponsors are split into two categories

Sponsor – Manufacturers who support the training courses with material donations along with the manufactures technical specialists who attend certain courses.

Premium Sponsor– Manufacturers who not only support with materials but have made a financial donation to help with supporting costs of training courses resulting in course costs being lower. Financial donations are used in many ways such as towards-  tools, training bay building costs, maintenance, website development, advertisement etc.


Quality assured flooring grade plywood
Our flooring grade plywood surpasses the stringent standards of BS8203:2017-annex A, showing our unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality and durability for your flooring projects. FSC® Certified Veneers: Embrace sustainability with PERI FLOOR. Our flooring grade plywood features veneers from tropical hardwood species such as Meranti/Mersawa, sourced from FSC® certified forests, helping to protect tropical rainforests and promoting environmental responsibility. Exceptional Glue Bond: Our commitment to excellence extends to the heart of our plywood. The glue bond adheres to the highest standard, BS EN314-2 Class 3. Utilising phenol formaldehyde resin and ensuring fully dried veneers with 8-10% moisture content, our plywood is durable and made to last. BS8203 Compliance: PERI FLOOR goes above and beyond the requirements outlined in BS8203:2017-annex A-Flooring Grade Plywood guidelines, and the recommendations of the Contract Flooring Association (CFA), of which we are members, ensuring that your flooring projects meet the highest quality and durability standards. Versatile Options: We offer a diverse range to meet your specific needs. Choose from 3.6mm-9mm thickness in sizes 2440x1220 & 1220x610mm panels sizes. Quality Assured: PERI FLOOR is manufactured in Indonesia by a factory member of the TFT Woodexperts Diamond Mark Certification Scheme, further assuring the product's suitability as a flooring overlayment. Precision Machined Core: Experience a flawlessly even surface with our machine-jointed core veneers. This precision prevents gaps or overlaps that could otherwise telegraph through the floor covering, ensuring a smooth and visually appealing finish. Optimal Face Veneers: Our flooring grade plywood boasts 1.3mm thick face veneers, greatly exceeding the recommended minimum of 0.75mm, effectively preventing blisters and the weak bond commonly associated with standard hardwood plywood featuring much thinner veneers.  PERI FLOOR is manufactured by Sumbar Mas Indah Plywood in Indonesia, which is a member of the TFT Woodexperts Diamond Mark Certification Scheme.