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NVQ Qualifications with FloorSkills

FloorSkills can help you gain your Floorcoverings NVQ qualification. We can send our assessors out to you, meaning you won’t have to visit the FloorSkills training centre. We offer both Level 1 and Level 2 NVQ qualifications.

What is an NVQ

NVQ is short for National Vocation Qualification. NVQ’s are available in all types of trades and are now compulsory if you’re working on a building site that requires a cscs card to gain entry.

How do I get a NVQ?

There are two ways you can gain a NVQ qualification, you can either enrol on an apprenticeship course or if your competent you can take just the assessment.

What is a CSCS card?

CSCS is the certification scheme within the UK that the construction industry asks for and recognise to allow you to work on building sites. To gain a CSCS card you will require to be qualified in whatever job your undertaking. To get qualified you will require a NVQ qualification. You will also be required to take a Health + Safety test. Once you have both the NVQ and a H+S test pass certificate you can apply for a CSCS card.

NVQ’s with FloorSkills

Undertaking a NVQ assessment with FloorSkills couldn’t be easier. Our assessor visits you while you’re working, so you won’t have to have time off work or visit an assessment centre.
All FloorSkills assessors are flooring trade competent, with our assessors still installing floorcoverings themselves.

Can you fail a NVQ?

If your trade competent and experienced then you will not fail your NVQ assessment. The assessor’s role involves guiding you and helping you pass your NVQ assessment. If you are unsure of the answers to any question an assessor may ask you or if you are unsure on how to do something an assessor may ask you to demonstrate then you can ask your assessor for help. The assessor is there to also give minor training if required to help you understand what is being asked of you. The assessor is not there to fail you.

What is the cost of an onsite NVQ Assessment?

NVQ’s are currently charged at £1100 + vat. This will entitle you to one NVQ. In floorcoverings, there are 3 types of NVQ available – Textile, Impervious and Wood flooring. You can pick any one of the above Flooring NVQ’s. If you require more than one flooring NVQ then additional NVQ’s are charged at £300 + vat each.

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