FloorSkills Apprenticeships

9 Jan

FloorSkills Apprenticeships

FloorSkills apprenticeships work on block release every other month. FloorSkills opted for this type of apprenticeship over 1 day per week apprenticeships as we feel it is impossible for an apprentice to attend for only 1 day per week and be able to complete a full installation. We personally feel that an apprentice should see their installation through from start to finish, rather than completing other apprentices work done previously.

FloorSkills apprentices must prepare their own area and see through the whole process of what they are learning each time they visit FloorSkills. WE DO NOT pre-prepare areas or part install areas for the students; hence we need more than 1 day at a time with the apprentice. The FloorSkills apprenticeship runs over a period between 18 to 24 months, the first 18 months (approximately) will be block release at the FloorSkills Training Centre undertaking practical training. After approximately 18 months the apprenticeship moves onto the EPA Assessment process.

What is an EPA Assessment?
The EPA assessment is an assessment of the apprentice’s installation ability. Basically a practical exam at the end of the apprentices training. FloorSkills will be constantly assessing the apprentice’s ability and tailoring the training to suit. If FloorSkills or the employer feels their apprentice requires additional training, then no problem. Additional training will be given before we enrol the apprentice onto the EPA assessment. FloorSkills is here to help progress your apprentice and train the apprentice so that the apprentice passes with flying colours. FloorSkills would not advise an apprentice is ready if they are not ready. FloorSkills runs a mock assessment to make sure that the apprentice has reached and passed the ability level required.
The EPA assessment can be carried out at any approved EPA assessment centre or simply carried out at FloorSkills where FloorSkills will look after the whole process making it trouble free for the employer and the apprentice.

FloorSkills has two types of Apprenticeships

  • Textile & Impervious Flooring Apprenticeship
  • Wood Flooring (Bwfa – British Wood Flooring Association) Apprenticeship

Please see schedules below for what the apprentice will be covering while at the training centre.

Apprentices work towards gaining the following qualifications:

  • Level 2 Floorcoverings Certification
  • Level 1 and/or Level 2 Functional Skills Certificates
  • Employer Rights and Responsibilities Certificate
  • PLTS Certificate

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